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Since 1990, we have been involved in software development business. Our range of software products including ERP software solution, Time Management System,Payroll System & other special solutions for all type of industries e.g Timber Logs & Sawn Timber solutions for wood industries and Plastic Injection Moulding solution for Plastic Industry. Our solutions integrate with various type of collection devices like barcode reader, time clock RFiD reader to ease the data input process.

Our vision
To provide customer with a 'Simple & Comprehensive Solution' Software..

Business software for Manufacturing
Metal Stamping, Plywood, Electronic, Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, Wood, Medicine Factory, Automobile Industry, Wire Hardness, Plastic Industries. Packaging, Electronic, Chemical, etc.

E-Soft Time Clock System
E-Soft Time Clock System is a PC based clocking system designed for small and medium size company, especially for those companies with numbers of outlets or branches with few employees in each outlet/branch. It is a cost effective way of taking control of the attendance for all employees in their outlets/branches. The existing office or POS pc can be used as clocking station to replace the conventional punch card.

E-Soft Time Clock System can either manual update or deploy the USB Fingerprint device or Proximity (RFID) card reader. Setup the E-Soft Time Clock System on the pc, Plug in the USB Biometrics Fingerprint sensor or Proximity (RFID) Card Reader, and the pc is ready to replace your conventional Punch Card.

E-Soft Time Clock System Software Features:
The E-Soft Time Clock System Software tracks employees' time and provides a daily reconciliation of time records as reports or for further processing by payroll software. As a result, the software cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from error, and saves a substantial amount of money that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other. It is a complete and a cost effective solution for Time Attendance and security if Fingerprint Biometric device are deployed.
  1. Employees Master Maintenance.
  2. Fingerprint / Proximity Card Registration.
  3. Working Time Pattern Maintenance.
  4. Duty Roster.
  5. Attendance Control–Mouse Click, Fingerprint Authentication or Proximity (RFID) Card verification.
  6. Print Attendance Reports.
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