Company Overview

“Your Software Provider”

E-Soft Business Solution is a leading provider for a wide array of integrated software solution for businesses. It was established since 1994, headquartering in Sungai Petani, Kedah. We are one of the Software Solution Providers in Malaysia that is certified with MSC status. Currently, our range of business solution includes Hotel Management System, Payroll System, Time Management System, Human Resources Management System, ERP System, Accounting System, Timber Logs System and F&B POS System. Other than that, we are also offering the software solutions that cater to specific needs of our clients such as Sawn Timber System, Haulage Management System, Clinic / Hospital Information System & etc.

Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

“Simple & Comprehensive”

In E-Soft Business Solution, we hold firm to our company vision in developing our software solution. We are dedicated to offer our users with the software solution that is comprehensive, at the same time it is also simple to use. In other words, our software solution should maintain a substantial level of user-friendliness, without compromising on the ability of the software system in covering various functions. With that, our users, even those with limited technical knowledge would find the software system useful in aiding their business operation.

Our Mission

For E-Soft Business Solution, there are a few missions that we would always adhere:

  • Develop customized software solution that suits the specific needs for different customers.
  • Provide prompt and responsive services to our users aided by various online communication tools
  • Attain customers’ satisfaction through consistent innovation and improvement in products and services to meet customers’ growing needs and expectation
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