E-HR System

E-Soft E-HR System is a web-based Human Resources Management System where an employee can punch attendance, apply leave, apply OT, view payslip etc. on the web. The system also allows leave notification and approval. The system can keep track of all employees' leave records, entitlement and balance.

E-Soft E-HR System provides an online time sheet that empower employees while reducing workload for HR. Employees gain convenient access to their attendance information, apply OT and leave online, as well as view / print their payslip.


Table Setting

Employee Self Service Platform

Have employees working remotely or traveling? They can clock in with our telepunch option using a smartphone or tablet.

E-HR System provides an online timesheet that empowers the employees at the same time reducing workload for Human Resources Department. It also offers substantial convenience for the employees as they could access the information for their time, working schedule and attendance information online. Most importantly, E-HR system is useful for the employees that work in various locations or often travelling to punch their attendance anytime and in anywhere.

Leave Application & Management

The E-HR system automates the leave management process for the employees as they are allowed to apply leaves away from their workplace via online system. They can also keep track of their leave balance in real time through E-HR system. Other than that, E-HR system makes it easy for the supervisors to check and approve leaves based on the organization policies. Hence, E-HR system that works online is helping the superiors to make better leave management decisions.

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