What’s New For TCMS

Face Recognition Technology

“Accurate, Reliable and Efficient”

Recently, biometric time clock system such as face recognition technology is gradually replacing the conventional fingerprint, iris scan and card scanning time clocks. One of the important advantages of the face recognition time clock would be its workplace friendliness. This is because it is a more hygiene alternative as it consists of a touch-less terminal time clock. Also, face scanning technology offers an easy to use solution for the time and attendance management of a company.

Besides, it is faster and much more reliable as compared to the other biometric systems. In security perspective, face scanning technology completely stops the employees from “Buddy Punching” issue, which in turn lower the company’s labour cost. Looking in long run, face scanning technology can be more cost effective than Fingerprint scanning as there will be no scratches or damage to the Fingerprint readers, and no cards to lose. Hence, only a minimum on-going cost will be incurred.

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