Time Control Management System

E-Soft Business Solution, collaborating with Fingertec, is offering the finest time management, attendance and labour tracking technology available on the market. With more than 20 years’ expertise in delivering advanced time control management system to thousands of organizations comprising of different scales, we are confident in making the work of monitoring employee’s time and attendance easier and more efficient.

Key Benefits

Table Setting

Cost Effective

The installation of our TCMS system is easy and straight forward as it directly connects to your data network and uses power over the Ethernet to run. Hence, the installation of electrical boxes, control panels and wires are not necessary as it does not require so much power to run. Consequently, it will be effective in keeping the installation down.

Integration with Payroll System

The TCMS provided by E-Soft Business Solution is able to flawlessly integrate with E-Soft Payroll system and Human Resources Management System. The attendance or the entry and exit time can be automatically imported to E-Soft Payroll System. Other than convenient, the time control management system also offers substantial level of accuracy in data entry.

  • Payroll Managers can accurately track the employee time and wage information.
  • HR department can manage employee absenteeism and leave management.


Biometric Technology

Instead of card reading, biometric technology is gaining its popularity in time clocking system. This is due to the uniqueness of fingerprint, face and iris of different individual, which makes the biometric time clock the most accurate and reliable way to record the punches. Most importantly, it effectively prevents the case of lost or misplacement of the employee’s identity cards. Also, the usage of biometric technology in time clocking system ultimately eliminates the occurrence of “buddy punching” or employee inappropriately entering time and labour data for each other.

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